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Humanoid (CD)


2024 release. Accept, long-standing legendary German titans of heavy metal, are back with a fiercely awaited new studio album. Humanoid is a towering musical achievement and another world class entry in the Accept catalog, certain to rally fans from around the world. Accept have never shied away from hot button issues, and this album is no exception. The band’s 17th studio album is certainly not a concept album, yet it deals with topics like AI and how our reliance upon technology is gradually stripping away individuality. Since singer Mark Tornillo will never be an advocate for the digital age, he counterbalances the title track with raw emotions, frailties, significant Rites of Passage we encounter on the path of life and characteristics that make us uniquely human: feeling uncomfortable, getting older, dealing with hurt, disappointment, and the final stop for everyone: death. Humanoid is a ferociously electrifying, dynamic and subtly nuanced platter with tongue in cheek humor.

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Genre: Rock
Media Type: CD
Label: Napalm