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We’ve travelled the country for over 40 years buying vinyl and CD collections. It’s why we have the awesome inventory we’re known for.

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    If You’ve Got a Collection to Unload, We’re Here To Help

    We’re fair, fast and friendly

    No collection is ever too large

    We make house calls for collections outside of St. Louis or too large to bring to the store

    Best prices paid for quality vinyl

    What We Buy From You

    We’re looking for vinyl LPs (and certain 45s) and CDs in the genres of:

    ROCK – Classic, Alternative, Indie, Punk, Metal, Electronica, Garage, Rockabilly, Imports
    JAZZ – All eras from labels like Blue Note, Prestige, Riverside, Verve, Impulse, Savoy, Limelight, Mobile Fidelity, plus Jazz Vocalists
    SOUL – especially titles from the 50s – 80s
    COUNTRY – especially titles from the 50s – 70s
    BLUES – especially titles from the 50s – 70s
    FOLK – especially titles from the 50s – 70s

    We’re looking for records in good, very good or near-mint condition (both the vinyl and the sleeves).

    What We’re Less Likely to Buy From You

    You want to know if Grandpa’s old albums have any value. The answer: How cool was your grandpa? Sad to say, much of the music from bygone eras have little or no value anymore. It’s certainly not bad music, it’s just not of interest to younger vinyl fanatics.

    We usually pass on the majority of:

    Big Band • Easy Listening • Pop Vocalists (40s – 70s) • Classical • Broadway and Movie Soundtracks • 78s • 45s

    That said, there’s exceptions to every rule. We can discuss the details of your collection and the buying process at 314.961.8978 or [email protected].