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Jump Rope (CD)

Buffalo Tom

After six years, the American alternative rock band Buffalo Tom are back with their tenth full-length studio album, titled Jump Rope. During the lockdown, the band kept on writing and sent each other ideas for arrangements and parts, which resulted in a sizeable backlog of song ideas. A sort of direction made itself apparent from the ideas they were trading; most of the songs called for an acoustic, quieter production. Eventually, emerging from their basements, they slowly got to actually working together on the songs in the same room, rehearsing quietly (especially for the super-loud Buffalo Tom), with acoustic guitar. After giving most of the songs a good amount of overdubs and a lot of electric guitars, the songs evolved into this beautiful and thrilling new Buffalo Tom album: Jump Rope. Jump Rope features the single ‘New Girl Singing’. Official website: https://www. Buffalotom. com/WATCH/LISTEN:’New Girl Singing’: https://youtu. Be/8FHSel6L9wY’Helmet’: https://youtu. Be/KGy64dTIYRQ* BRAND NEW 2024 ALBUM BY BUFFALO TOM* FEATURES THE SINGLE ‘NEW GIRL SINGING’Tracklist:1. Helmet2. New Girl Singing3. Autumn Letter4. Recipes5. Pine for You6. Come Closer7. Little Ghostmaker8. Our Poverty9. The Belle of Borderline Dismay10. Compromised11. In The Summertime12. Why’d You Have To Be Like That13. Rifled Through14. You’re On

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