Kid Gorgeous at Radio City (New LP)

Mulaney John

Vinyl LP pressing. The album of the Netflix special of the of the concert tour of the same name! 150 shows were performed on this tour, but this was a special night at the very end. Great night, great crowd, great comedian! Kid Gorgeous at Radio City is the album of the Netflix concert film I did which was the culmination of a 150 date stand-up comedy tour called John Mulaney Kid Gorgeous. It’s a bunch of stories about how I remember life being, or at least feeling, towards the end of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st. Then there are a few loud complaints about petty things. Then other jokes and stuff. I wrote and performed all of them. I like doing stand-up comedy very much. – John Mulaney

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Genre: Comedy
Media Type: LP
Label: Drag City