Live At Sydney Opera House (NEW LP)


Double vinyl LP pressing. Khruangbin’s series of live LPs traces just one small slice of the band’s flight plan through the years: it’s a taste of some of their most beloved cities, stages and nights. Each release comes with a limited-edition unique album cover exclusive for the recording’s home turf, just a little something extra for the fans that bring a little something extra. Across five releases, this series ignites both sides of Khruangbin’s magic: the warm, prismatic feeling of their albums and the bewitching energy of their performances. Closing out this collection, Live at Sydney Opera House is a double LP of front-to-back Khruangbin. Here, career-spanning songs like “”A Calf Born in Winter””, “”Maria TambiĆ©n””, “”So We Won’t Forget””, “”Shida”” and “”Friday Morning”” arrive in their full interplanetary glory, recorded at one of the most celebrated venues on earth, the Sydney Opera House.

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Version: 2LP
Genre: Rock
Media Type: LP
Label: Dead Oceans

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