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Now That’s What I Call Fantastic Cat (CD)

Fantastic Cat

2024 release. Fantastic Cat is back and older than ever, taking America (and the nicer parts of Europe) by storm with their smash hit new album, Now That’s What I Call Fantastic Cat, which, as of this writing, hasn’t technically been released yet, but seems almost certain to be a huge success based on industry trends and corporate forecasting. Galvanized by a transformative journey into the spiritual vortices of the Pocono Mountains, the band found inspiration for their sophomore effort in the world of mind-expanding psychedelics: they dropped antacids, experimented with mushrooms (primarily porcini), and even began microdosing a variety of hard seltzers. The result was an album that could only be described as “”Christopher Cross crossed with Kris Kristofferson,”” a bewildering blend of stepdad rock and in-law country destined to solidify their status as your least favorite songwriter’s favorite songwriters. But no one hit the record button, and the sessions went mercifully undocumented. Instead, the album they turned in to the label is an entirely different collection, one that meets (but does not exceed) the minimum Grammy® eligibility requirements in all major televised categories. Now That’s What I Call Fantastic Cat!

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