pow pow/too much love (NEW LP) (12″ Single)

LCD Soundsystem

Among the depths of the DFA vault (really an assortment of poorly organized hard drives of varying vintages), we found this true hidden gem, a version of “pow pow” made all squirrely by master squirrels the Idjut Boys. Why we kept this a secret for 14 years will forever remain a mystery. It’s a distant cousin of the original – vocals gone, drums looped out, synths and delay coming down like acid rain. A real chugger. What better to pair it with, then, than Rub-N-Tug’s remix of “too much love,” long out of print from its original pressing in 2005 and still a complete monster meant for dark rooms and smoke machines cranked up past 11. It lives on wax once again, now with a likeminded buddy. Both tracks were recut at 45RPM by Bob Weston and pressed with care by the good humans at Third Man Pressing in Detroit, MI.

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Version: 45 RPM, 12" Single
Genre: Rock
Media Type: LP
Label: DFA