Resurrection (New LP)


Euclid Records and are proud to announce its latest release, The Aerovons Resurrection. Recorded at EMI (Abbey Road) Studios in 1969, this will mark the first time this legendary lost recording will be released as it was originally intended, on vinyl. The Aerovons Story Seemingly every city has that one band destined for fame and fortune. They had the talent, the right look and a huge local following. Whether it’s a matter of bad timing, bad luck, poor management or record label issues, somehow the moons never aligned for that local band that woulda, coulda, shoulda. In the late 1960’s St. Louis had The Aerovons. The Aerovons story goes beyond St. Louis. Among Beatle fans their story has become legendary. In 1968, The Aerovons were making a name for themselves in the club scene around St. Louis. Tom Hartman was the leader, singer and composer for the Aerovons, and even as high school kids, they had gone as far as they possibly could locally. Tom’s Mom was the band’s manager and she was determined to see her son and his band mates become stars. Obsessed with The Beatles and all things British, 16-year-old Tom along with his Mom, traveled to England in 1968 to play demos that the band had cut in St. Louis to try to secure a record deal. The band ended up signing with Parlophone in England. Tom was told to go back to St. Louis, write as much material as possible, then come back in the Spring to record. One year later the band goes to EMI Studio Two to record its debut album. Little did they know, their heroes, The Beatles were next door in Studio One recording their swan song Abbey Road. After the completion of the album, the band began to fray, with members leaving for various reasons. EMI/Parlophone released a couple of singles to test the waters before releasing the album. The label determined what would be the best songs to release to radio, but their choices were questionable and the singles went nowhere. Because the band was starting to fall apart and the lack of response to those poorly chosen singles, Parlophone decided to scrap the album altogether. The legend began to grow, especially among the Beatles faithful, and while the record sat in a vault for nearly 25 years, it was rediscovered and released on compact disc by RPM Records in England. The Vinyl Reissue It took nearly 55 years, but Resurrection is now getting its proper release the way it was supposed to be. The recordings have been remastered lovingly for vinyl by Chris Muth and cut on 180 gram vinyl. The release also features a retro “Flipback” sleeve, an homage to the cover format commonly used in England and other countries in the 1960’s.

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