Sweet F.A. (NEW LP)

Love and Rockets

Rick Rubin guided Love and Rockets to a return to more guitar- based songs for 1996’s Sweet F.A. While the band were living and working at Rubin’s studio mansion, a fire broke out, which resulted in the band losing all of their gear, some of their demo recordings, and nearly their lives as well. A burnt guitar plucked from the debris is on the album’s cover. The resulting album was inspired by some of their earliest influences – The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, Can. It spins tales of passion and loss, carried on a fluid, moody throb. Undulating, hypnotic rhythms twine around melancholy lyrics which examine life at a primal level, as ethereal electronic effects play counterpoint to earthquake reverberating guitars. A1. Sweet F.A. A2. Judgement Day A3. Use Me A4. Fever A5. Sweet Lover Hangover B1. Pearl B2. Shelf Life B3. Sad And Beautiful World B4. Natacha C1. Words Of A Fool C2. Clean C3. Here Comes The Comedown C4. Spiked

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Genre: Rock
Media Type: LP
Label: Beggars Banquet Us