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The Devil I Know

McBryde Ashley

GRAMMY Award winner Ashley McBryde has made a name for herself with her standout, critically acclaimed albums, all of which found the Arkansas native straddling lines between traditional country, rock-tinged roots and point-blank biker-bar riffs, leadingAmerican Songwriterto boast her “”music balances gutsy rocking with classic country, folk and even slight bluegrass influences.”” WithThe Devil I Know, set for release Sept. 8 via Warner Music Nashville, the Grand Ole Opry member and her band Deadhorse honed in and sharpened what it is they do best. “”When it was time to put togetherThe Devil I Know, my band and I did what we always do: got together in the purple building in East Nashville, played through a bunch of songs and discussed where we wanted it to go,”” shares McBryde. “”We decided to take all the things that people tend to give us a hard time for and turn it up.

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Genre: Country
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Label: Warner Nashville