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The Best of The Move

The Move

From 1965-72, The Move were huge in England, so most of the songs on this compilation were major chart hits. They were basically unknown in America except to countless bands inspired by them (like Cheap Trick).

Writer (and heavy AF) bassist Roy Wood and drummer Bev Bevan were the mainstays of a revolving door of great musicians. From Brit pop (“Fire Brigade”) to psychedelia (“I Can Hear the Grass Grow”) to orchestral pop (“Blackberry Way “– one of the best songs EVER) to hard rock (“Brontosaurus”), Wood explored every avenue, usually just ahead of the curve of his contemporaries.

Wood finally got Jeff Lynne in the band, giving us things like “Do Ya” before they re-grouped as Electric Light Orchestra (Wood left after their debut album). This earworm compilation is essential for all fans of rock history and great rock songcraft.

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